What is TrainingIQ?

TrainingIQ provides a dynamic and adaptive digital weightlifting and strength-biased conditioning platform designed to make people stronger and enhance athletic performance on an individualized basis.  

TrainingIQ strives to succeed where one-size-fits-all online programs fail. Our programming is customized to manage volume, intensity and exercise selection for the needs of each user on the platform. Our algorithms are designed to learn a user’s strengths and weaknesses over time and to adapt programming to address the evolution of a user’s performance.  The TrainingIQ platform is engineered to take the guesswork out of your weightlifting and/or strength program.  It is designed to be elegantly simple and easy to use and comes with a mobile application so that you have access to your programming wherever and whenever you need it.

 What does the TrainingIQ program focus on and who should consider using it?

TrainingIQ provides customized weightlifting programming for all types of athletes, whether they’re focused on competing in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit®, Obstacle Course Racing, or you are simply focused on general physical fitness and wellness. It is ideal for athletes who compete or aspire to compete in the sport of weightlifting, and flexible enough to be the dedicated strength program for all other athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts. 

Our technology will design and maximize your weightlifting programming to match your training focus, your competition dates, and your current ability level. It is adaptable enough to provide appropriate training to athletes ranging from beginners to advanced. Additionally, for the right athletes in the right situation, including those focused on general physical fitness, TrainingIQ will add conditioning workouts that complement and support your weightlifting programming.

This level of customization allows an athlete to truly reach for their athletic and performance potential.

How do you build a training program that is unique to me?

Our proprietary algorithm start with scientifically-proven principles and methodologies that have been used for years in successful program design for weightlifting. These principles and methodologies become the cornerstones of each program that our platform generates for an athlete.  

TrainingIQ asks a series of questions designed to create a customized program specific and unique to the athlete when they begin working with the technology. These questions focus on a variety of relevant pieces of date, from an athlete’s bodyweight, to their current lift PRs, to the amount of hours the athlete works in a week, plus much more. This is a process called the “Training Cycle Builder.” 

The algorithms then take those answers and incorporates them into the foundational, scientific data. The resultant formula generates customized, scientifically-sound programming that is specific to the athlete’s schedule, strengths, weaknesses, and sport-specific goals. 

How many days a week should I train on the TrainingIQ platform? 

Based on your inputs during the Training Cycle Builder phase, our algorithm will give you a recommended number of days a week you should train for weightlifting using the TrainingIQ platform.  You will have the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of recommended days, however, we strongly recommend that you do not go below 3 days a week or above 5 days a week.  Increasing or decreasing your recommended days of training by one additional day is ok and should not have any impacts on how the training effects you.  Please note that by increasing the number of days, you will NOT get additional volume, your programmed total volume for the cycle will simply be spread across more days, thus reducing the volume on any particular day.

When do you deliver my workouts and when should I do them?

Our mobile app will deliver your current day's programming when you first log into the app.  Once you complete a workout, the next one will load the following day when you log back in.  This process will repeat itself until you have completed all the workouts set for a given week.  After you complete the last one for the current week, the next one will load on the following Monday.  It is up to you to pick the dates that you actually work out.  For example, if you train 3x per week, you will receive 3 workouts for that week, with the first one coming on Monday.  Once you complete it, the next one will load on Tuesday.  However, you can decide what day you do workout #2.  Maybe you wait until Wednesday.  Once you complete workout #2, workout #3 will be available the next day.  Once you complete that last one, no more will load for the current week.

Can I get a preview of the week's workouts in advance?

We know you are excited to see your workouts in advance, so we created a preview where you can see all of the workouts for a current week.  Simply sign into your account at www.trainingiq.com and you can see a preview of the workouts for the current week, this way at least you will know what to expect for the week!

If I start a Training Cycle and then want to change the number of days a week that I train, what should I do?

Once you go through the Training Cycle Builder process and we create a training cycle for you based on the number of days a week you plan to train, our algorithm dials in volume, intensities and exercise selection based on that number of days a week you choose.  To change it during a cycle will have impacts on the algorithm that would cause it to not perform as intended.  We recommend keeping the number of days a week consistent until the end of your current cycle.  When you build your next cycle, you can update the number of days a week that you will train during that future cycle.

Alternatively, if you decide early on that you would like to change your number of training days, you can simply go into Settings on your mobile device and end the current training cycle.  From there, you can rebuild a new training cycle with the appropriate number of training days you want.  The algorithm will then dial in your programming based on the new data.

How does TrainingIQ incorporate metabolic conditioning?

TrainingIQ takes into consideration an athlete’s desire to maintain metabolic conditioning in a number of ways. 

Within the Training Cycle Builder process, each athlete will be asked a series of questions as it pertains to their primary focus of training. For athletes that categorize themselves as a Crossfitter, TrainingIQ will seek to determine if strength or metabolic conditioning wants to be biased. With that answer, the technology will adjust volume, intensity, and exercise selection to be appropriate for each athlete’s goals.

For those athletes who wish to keep conditioning as part of their overall fitness program, TrainingIQ can adjust the weightlifting programming to accommodate whether the athlete is following an exterior fitness program (e.g. CompTrain, their own gym’s programming, etc) or whether they would like to have conditioning work supplied as part of their TrainingIQ programming. Those in the latter group will be supplied with appropriate conditioning workouts written by Ben Bergeron.  

What types of equipment do I need in order to do the conditioning workouts?

Barbell + Bumpers

Kettlebells (1pd, 1.5pd, and/or 2pd, depending on difficulty level)

Plyo Box (20”, 24”, and/or 30”, depending on difficulty level)

GHD Machine

Pull-up bar

Concept2 (or equivalent) Rower

Assault Bike (or equivalent)

Dumbbells (30#, 40#, and/or 50#, depending on difficulty level)

Jump Rope

Rings for Muscle-Ups

How do I best incorporate my weightlifting programming from TrainingIQ with my own Functional Fitness programming?

Our technology is designed to take into account whether you plan to do your weightlifting programming and your functional fitness programming or other Crossfit-based training on the same day.  Our algorithms will make adjustments to your volume, intensities, exercise selection, and the number of days a week that you train for weightlifting to reflect to take into account your functional fitness training, especially if you train for both on the same day.  

I am a Comptrain athlete.  How do I combine TrainingIQ with CompTrain or CompTrain Masters programming?

The answer to this question takes some self assessing.  First, we are going to assume that you are following CompTrain because you want to improve your performance in the sport of CrossFit.  Second, try to classify yourself into one of the follow competitor categories - this should give you a good idea of the best approach to maximizing your gains. 


You have a good engine and excel at bodyweight movements, but you get buried by the big weights, and your lifting numbers are average or below average relative to your competitors.  You should follow TrainingIQ with pre-programmed Conditioning from TrainingIQ.  Don't be tempted to add in the extra volume of skill or conditioning work that shows up on programs like CompTrain.  We created TrainingIQ for you!  Spend 6-12 months lifting, recovering, and lifting some more.

"Smaller Competitor"

You can compete with the big dawgs across the board, but you do your best with lighter events.  You can hang in events that have heavier weights if they are programmed with enough gymnastics or running.  And, you would prefer it if competitions didn't have a max-effort lifts in them. You could replace THREE Comptrain Lifting Sessions per week with TrainingIQ.  You may also benefit from lowering the volume, or completely removing any CompTrain gymnastics work for the short term.

"Bigger Competitor"

You can compete across the board, but you do best with high power, heavy, strength events.  You can hang in longer events if they are programmed with enough barbell work or rowing, but you would prefer it if competitions didn't have any long "lung-burners".  You should follow CompTrain as is.  You will benefit more from the specific competition approach of CompTrain than the added barbell work involved in TrainingIQ.


You are stronger than most of your competitors but struggle with bodyweight movements like burpees, toes to bar, chest to bar pull ups, handstand push ups and running.  You should follow CompTrain - and might consider backing off some strength work and include more focused conditioning or gymnastics work.  

What is my Athlete Profile and how do you determine it?

The very first time TrainingIQ generates a training cycle for you, and after the completion of each subsequent training cycle, our algorithm makes certain preliminary determinations about whether you have a strength or technique deficiency and, if so, which types of exercises should be biased in your programming for maximum improvements.  We will report to you our initial determinations of your Athlete Profile when a new training cycle is developed and then update you on changes as the software starts to learn and understand your performances over time.   You can always access your Athlete Profile under the Profile section of the TrainingIQ app.  

Can I see my weights in pounds and/or kilos?

Yes, you can set your preference when you input your body weight during the Training Cycle Builder process.  You can then switch between pounds and kilos at any time by going to the Units of Measurement tab in the Settings section of the TrainingIQ app.

How does the Rest Timer work?

During the Training Cycle Builder process, you can request a Rest Timer to pace your time between each lift attempt in weightlifting or strength training.  You can set your timer to 1, 2 or 3 minute rest times as a default.  You will also have the ability to skip any specific rest period by simply clicking the “Skip” button on the Timer page.

You can also decline the use of a Rest Timer for your training cycles when your first training cycle is generated.  You can manage the default settings for a Rest Timer at any time through the Timer Settings in the Settings section of the TrainingIQ app. 

Can I change the number of days a week that I get programming from TrainingIQ?

Our programming platform combines information that you provide to us during the Training Cycle Builder process with our proprietary algorithm to come up with a determination for the most appropriate number of days for you to train in order to maximize the effects of your current training cycle.

You can adjust your recommended number of training days up or down.  If you reduce the number of recommended days, it may cause more volume and longer workouts on the days you actually train or, if you reduce the number of days by too many, it could cause a complete revision of your program to lower volume levels in order to fit it to the minimum number of days you choose.  If you increase the number of recommended days, it will not result in any increase in volume, which means you will just end up doing less volume and have shorter workouts on the days you actually train.

What is a training cycle?

Training cycles are typically 8 to 12 week blocks of programming that are organized in a periodized fashion to maximize the opportunity to perform at peak levels in the snatch and clean & jerk at the conclusion of the cycle.

Our training cycles are organized around preparation phases and pre-competition phases.  Preparation phases can last from 4 to 8 weeks and it is during these phases where volume is high.  The intensity ranges (percentages of maximum efforts) for lifts are typically in the medium to high range.  Pre-competition phases are typically only one phase in the 4 week range.  During this phase the volume is reduced, the variety of exercises is reduced in the intensity levels are at their highest.  It is during this phase that we look to give the athlete the opportunity to start to recover from the intensity of the preparation phases and to allow the nervous system to function at levels conducive to maximizing performance.

With the TrainingIQ platform, you can set your training cycles to end in coordination with a specific competition date, whether it be a weightlifting competition or other competition by simply entering a specific competition date under settings in our mobile app.  Our software will automatically update your cycle to peak you for that competition date.  See “How does the Competition Date feature work” for additional details.

What is does Intensity mean in the context of my programming?

When we refer to intensity, we are referring to number of pounds or kilos lifted per repetition, often reflected as a percentage of your maximum efforts in the snatch, clean & jerk, front squat and/or back squat, as applicable.  For example, if we refer to the intensity levels of the programming for a coming week as medium, you could expect to be working on lifts in the 75% to 85% range of your existing 1 rms.  

The TrainingIQ platform takes all of this into account as it builds your programs,  You don’t need to focus on it or worry about it.  Our algorithms takes your volume and allocates it across intensity zones in an efficient and scientifically sound manner to maximize the potential for growth and peak performance.

If the program calls for doing lifts off of blocks, what can I do as a substitute if I don’t have access to blocks?  

If the program calls for a lift off of or from blocks, you can always substitute the same movement from the hang position if you do not have access to blocks.  For example, if the program calls for “Snatch from mid-thigh Blocks”, you can do Hang Snatch from the Mid-Thigh as an adequate substitute.

What can I do if I find the programming too hard or too easy?

As a general matter, we strive to provide programming that is tailored to you in a manner that will increase in difficulty over time.  If you do find that, over time, your programming should be adjusted you can simply end your current training cycle by going to Settings and clicking on the “End Current Training Cycle” button.  Once you do that, you will be asked to go through a modified version of the Training Cycle Builder to create a new program and you can change up or down the estimated PRs for each of the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Back Squat and Front Squat.  If you increase your estimates, you will generally cause the programming to be more difficult than the last one.  Reducing the estimates will lower the difficulty level of the next program.

Alternatively, you can send us an email at support@trainingiq.com and we can try to help you come up with more reasonable estimates for a new program.

How does the Competition Date feature work?

Our training platform allows you to enter a date for a future competition at any time.  This competition could be a weightlifting competition or an other sport competition, such as a Functional Fitness competition.  You can enter a Competition Date during the Training Cycle Builder process and any time during a training cycle by going into Settings and clicking on the Competition Date button.

Once you have a Competition Date set, our platform will automatically adjust your programming focus so that your weightlifting training will peak for that competition date.

In order to enhance the benefits of using our programming to peak you for a competition, we recommend that you try to set any competition dates at least 8 weeks out from the actual competition date.

What if I don’t have any competition dates coming up?  

If you do not have any competitions coming up, our programs are designed to prepare you for a peak date or testing date in which you will be asked to perform a heavy snatch, clean & jerk, back squat and/or front squat.  Generally, peak dates in our programs occur at the end of each training cycle in an effort to test and measure your progress.

How much does a subscription membership cost?

We offer monthly subscription memberships.  Your subscription includes unlimited use of and access to of the TrainingIQ digital platform, including the mobile app.   Our monthly subscription plans are: is $39.00 per month ; $99.00/3 months; $199.00/6 months; $299.00/12 months (each plan includes a 7-day free trial).  Membership fees will be billed at the beginning of the paying portion of your membership and renewal period thereafter unless and until you cancel your membership.  

Do you offer free trials for your subscription memberships?

We offer a 7-day free trial when you sign up for a membership subscription. During the free trial, you will have access to all of the features of the digital programming platform, including our mobile app, during the free trial. 

If you decide TrainingIQ isn’t right for you, just cancel before the trial period ends and you won’t be charged.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription membership?

If you wish to cancel your subscription membership, please go to our website www.trainingiq.com .  Sign into your account and click on Settings in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Click on the Subscription button and then follow the instructions for cancellation.

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