What is TrainingIQ?

TrainingIQ provides customized programming to improve your weightlifting skills and strength.

TrainingIQ strives to succeed where one-size-fits-all online programs fail. Our programming is customized to manage volume, intensity and exercise selection for the needs of each athlete. Our algorithms are designed to learn your strengths and weaknesses over time and to adapt programming accordingly. The TrainingIQ platform is engineered to take the guesswork out of your weightlifting program. It is designed to be elegantly simple and easy to use and comes with a mobile application so that you have access to your programming wherever and whenever you need it.

How do you build a training program that is unique to me?

When you first start with us, we ask you a series of questions designed to create a customized program specific and unique to you. Depending on the programming track you’ve selected (PEAKS or PODIUMS), we ask questions ranging from an your bodyweight and your current lift PRs, to the amount of hours you work in a week, and more. This is a process called the “Training Cycle Builder.” Our algorithm then takes those answers and generates customized, scientifically-sound, personalized programming.

When do you deliver my workouts and when should I do them?

For the PEAKS track, you will receive two workouts per week. At the beginning of each new week, you’ll receive two new workouts to complete. We recommend you perform the workouts with at least a day of rest in between. 

For the PODIUMS track, you will receive 3-5 workouts per week, depending on the frequency you have chosen for your training. At the beginning of each new week, you’ll receive new workouts. You may structure your training days however best fits your schedule, but we recommend including some rest days between your workouts. 

For both tracks, you may only complete 1 workout per day in the order they are presented. After you complete your last workout for the current week, your next week’s workouts will be available to you on the following Monday.

How do I best incorporate my weightlifting programming from TrainingIQ with my own Functional Fitness programming?

Whenever feasible, we recommend you perform your weightlifting training separate from other fitness training. If you are combining weightlifting with other forms of training, it would be ideal to perform your weightlifting training on a day when you have no other training scheduled. Alternately, if you must perform your weightlifting training on the same day as other training, we recommend you perform your weightlifting first.

What is my Athlete Profile and how do you determine it?

The first time we generate a training cycle for you, and after the completion of each subsequent training cycle, our algorithm determines whether you have a strength or technique deficiency and, if so, which types of exercises should be prioritized in your programming for maximum improvements.  We will report to you our initial determinations of your Athlete Profile when a new training cycle is developed and then update you on changes as you improve your balance over time. You can always access your Athlete Profile under the Profile section of the TrainingIQ app.  

Can I see my weights in pounds and/or kilos?

Yes, you can set your preference when you input your bodyweight during the Training Cycle Builder process.  You can then switch between pounds and kilos at any time by going to the Units of Measurement tab in the Settings section of the TrainingIQ app.

If my program calls for doing lifts off of blocks, what can I do as a substitute if I don’t have access to blocks?  

If the program calls for a lift off of or from blocks, you can stack plates instead of using blocks. Alternately, you can substitute the same movement from the hang position if you’re not comfortable stacking plates. For example, if the program calls for “Snatch from mid-thigh Blocks”, you can do Hang Snatch from the Mid-Thigh as an adequate substitute.

How much does a subscription membership cost?

We offer monthly subscription memberships. Your subscription includes unlimited use of and access to of the TrainingIQ digital platform, including the mobile app.  

For PEAKS, our regular monthly subscription plan is $14.99/month.

For PODIUMS, our regular monthly subscription plan is $39/month. We also offer a yearly membership at $299/year.  Membership fees will be billed when you begin your membership (after free trial period where applicable) and will renew each period thereafter unless and until you cancel your membership.  

From time to time, at our sole discretion, we may offer special membership pricing promotions. 

Do you offer free trials for your subscription memberships?

We offer a 7-day free trial for new TrainingIQ users when you sign up for a membership subscription. During the free trial, you will have access to all of the features of the digital programming platform, including our mobile app.

If you decide TrainingIQ isn’t right for you, just cancel before the trial period ends and you won’t be charged.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription membership?

If you wish to cancel your subscription membership, please go to our website www.trainingiq.com .  Sign into your account and click on Settings in the upper right hand corner of the page.  Click on the Subscription button and then follow the instructions for cancellation.

If I start a Training Cycle and then want to change the number of days a week that I train, what should I do? (PODIUMS Track Only)

Once you go through the Training Cycle Builder and we create a training cycle for you based on the number of days a week you plan to train, our algorithm dials in volume, intensities and exercise selection based on that number of days a week you choose. To change it during a cycle will have impacts on the algorithm that would cause it to not perform as intended. We recommend keeping the number of days a week consistent until the end of your current cycle.  When you build your next cycle, you can update the number of days a week that you will train during that future cycle.

Alternatively, if you decide early on that you would like to change your number of training days, you can simply go into Settings on your mobile device and end the current training cycle. From there, you can rebuild a new training cycle with the appropriate number of training days you want.  The algorithm will then dial in your programming based on your new selection.

How does TrainingIQ incorporate metabolic conditioning? (PODIUMS Track Only)

We take into consideration your desire to maintain metabolic conditioning in a number of ways. 

Within the Training Cycle Builder process, you will be asked a series of questions as it pertains to your primary focus of training. For athletes that categorize themselves as a CrossFitter, TrainingIQ will seek to determine if strength or metabolic conditioning should take priority. With that answer, the technology will adjust volume, intensity, and exercise selection to be appropriate for your goals.

For those of you who wish to keep conditioning as part of your overall fitness program, TrainingIQ can adjust the weightlifting programming to accommodate whether you are following an exterior fitness program (e.g. CompTrain, your own gym’s programming, etc) or whether you would like to have conditioning work supplied as part of your TrainingIQ programming. Those in the latter group will be supplied with appropriate conditioning workouts. 

How does the Competition Date feature work? (PODIUMS Track Only) 

We allow you to enter a date for a future competition at any time. This competition could be a weightlifting competition or an other sport competition, such as a Functional Fitness competition.  You can enter a Competition Date during the Training Cycle Builder process and any time during a training cycle by going into Settings and clicking on the Competition Date button.

Once you have a Competition Date set, our platform will automatically adjust your programming so that your weightlifting training will peak you for that competition date.

To enhance the benefits of using our programming to peak you for a competition, we recommend that you try to set any competition dates at least 8 weeks out from the actual competition date.

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